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"Treat people with respect and concern;
Provide opportunities to learn, contribute and advance;
Recognise and reward initiative, innovativeness and creativity."

At Murugappa Group, the above vision statement and a firm belief that in the strength of our people lies the strength of our group, is the major driving force. The 32,000 strong Murugappa team has people from diverse locations, different cultures, speaking different languages but all blending seamlessly into a common work culture that is both strong and vibrant.

Diversity - in Business and Opportunities

A diverse industrial conglomerate, Murugappa Group has interests in abrasives, engineering, sugar, fertilizers, financial services and plantations. Joining our group, gives an employee the rare opportunity and choice, to work in diverse industries under a common umbrella. Inter-departmental transfers are also options laid open to employees, thus honing their skills and facilitating all round development. It is not rare to find a hard-core finance person moving into marketing and then heading a business; a technical professional getting into strategic planning and becoming the CEO. We are an organisation that encourages and appreciates creativity, innovation and new initiatives by employees. Thus, with cross business and cross function movements, growth opportunities offered are endless.

Structured People Processes

At Murugappa, we have clearly-defined and specifically-designed programmes for our people to realise our vision of growth and progress. People development processes such as TQM, balanced scorecard, policy deployment, competency-based development, business leadership programme and many others groom our people into competent leaders and global managers, ready to take on the highly competitive world of today.

Building Our Leaders

Competency Development Programmes help our people identify and work on areas that are critical to the Group's competitive advantage: globalisation, innovative processes, managing diversity and change and growing self-awareness. Different stages of an employee's career are planned methodically by putting in place processes of succession planning, campus relationship programmes and management trainee schemes.

The Management Development Centre (MDC) established in 2004 is the platform on which leadership building programmes for our senior executives across the Group are conducted. The overall philosophy of these programmes is founded on the belief that the grooming of business leaders requires a multi-pronged approach involving conceptual and reflective learning, a deep insight into one's own beliefs, values and attitudes, action learning and internalisation for better effectiveness as individuals and leaders.

An Employer with a Difference

At Murugappa we have a judicious blend of a strong value system and evolving HR practices. We strive to be not merely another employer but a group that vests power in its people to see the organisation grow. We offer you not just a job but also a satisfying career; not just a place of work but a work-place of the future.

We are a Group that believes in the power of our people

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