Murugappa Morgan Thermal Ceramics Limited


Murugappa Morgan Thermal Ceramics Ltd (MMTCL) is a joint venture between the Thermal Ceramics Division of Morgan Crucible Company, UK and CUMI, India, with Morgan Crucible Company holding 51% of the equity. MMTCL is in the business of engineered solutions for high temperature insulation, providing significant energy savings and productivity improvement. The company manufactures a complete range of insulating fibre products and serves many industries including iron & steel, aluminium, metal processing, furnace building, power, ceramics and chemical processing. Their major focus is on the domestic market, in which MMTCL is the leader. The company’s new thrust area is to promote the fire resistance functionality of products in process industries and building construction. The company has also taken the lead in the movement to replace asbestos in process industries for sealing, hot repairing and personal protection applications.

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