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EID  Parry India E.I.D. Parry has been synonymous with dynamism since 1788. It became a part of the Murugappa Group in 1981 and its businesses now cover a wide range of products including sugar, microalgal health supplements from Parry Nutraceuticals and bio products from Bio Products Division.

E.I.D. Parry set up India's first sugar plant at Nellikuppam in 1842. The pioneering spirit has seen E.I.D. Parry setting up the first fully automated sugar plant at Pudukottai in 2000, a distillery, and more recently, zero waste integrated sugar complexes. Silkroad Sugar Private Limited is a joint venture with Cargill International where E.I.D. Parry holds 50% stake. A sugar refinery with a capacity of 600, 000 MT located in a Food Processing Special Economic Zone of Parry Infrastructure Company Private Limited at Kakinada is being set up. The company is one of the few to introduce branded sugar in the retail market in India under the Parry’s Pure and Parry’s White Label. The company produces a variety of sugars at its four fully automated plants in Tamil Nadu and a fifth one in Pondicherry. These cater to the food, bakery, confectioneries and beverage manufacturing industries, and are also used in pharma applications.

E.I.D. Parry pioneered integrated sugar complexes that maximise the utility of sugarcane through the production of sugar and using its other components in more purposeful ways. The company also converts bagasse into electricity in its cogeneration units and processes molasses into various types of alcohol, thus completing the value chain. In addition, EID Parry has a stand-alone distillery in Sivaganga in Tamil Nadu.

The cogeneration plants at these three locations are among the first in the country to use air cooled instead of water cooled condensers to conserve water. The Pettavaithalai plant uses submerged ultra filtration with two reverse osmosis systems to save water and minimise usage of chemicals - the first of its kind in India for boiler feed water. The Pudukottai plant is amongst the first in South India to earn carbon credits and to be registered in UNFCCC under the Kyoto protocol for climate change.

However, the biggest innovation spearheaded by E.I.D. Parry has nothing to do with manufacturing or marketing of sugar but with the difference it has made to the 1, 00,000 sugarcane farmers associated with it. Parry has introduced complete IT enabled services for farmers such as Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System and Global Positioning System for mapping and monitoring sugarcane growing area. Village-wise soil nutrient analysis, detailed farm boundary mapping, integration with Cane Management System and soil maps ensure efficient cane management.

E.I.D. Parry has introduced Namadhu Parry Maiyam, a concept where a local entrepreneur (usually a sugarcane farmer) is trained to become a Namadhu Parry Maiyam operator. The company extends interest free loans to these operators for buying high end farm equipment, which can then be hired out to small farmers who are unable to afford such sophisticated equipment. This helps mechanise farm services, accelerate sugarcane harvesting and save costs as manual labour is becoming increasingly expensive.

E.I.D. Parry pioneered sugarcane research and probably runs the only private R&D centre for sugarcane and tissue culture to develop new and improved cane varieties. It has also been aggressively promoting eco-friendly pest management systems.

Today, E.I.D. Parry is one of the Top 5 sugar producers in India and is on the path to sweetening more lives around the world.



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