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Established in 1788, EID Parry became part of the Murugappa Group in 1981.The company's businesses cover a wide range of products such as sugar, bio-products and nutraceuticals. Parry has been a pioneer in many fields, including the setting up of India's first chemical fertiliser plant at Ennore, sugar plant at Nellikuppam and sanitaryware plant at Ranipet.

The company is completely IT-enabled, and has implemented an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, using the core modules of SAP since 2000. All core functions of the company are automated, from procurement to production, including quality control, sales, maintenance, HR and finance. Its factories, R&D facilities, branches and stock points are all connected in real time to the corporate office in Chennai. Besides, a cane management system for its sugar operations, a shop floor MIS system for its production facilities and an intranet are operational.

Areas of Business

Pioneered zero-waste integrated sugar complex
Completely IT-enabled
EID Parry is a sugar maker since 1842.

EID Parry is a pioneer in the concept of setting up zero-waste integrated sugar complexes with power co-generation and distillery, at its plants in Nellikuppam, Pugalur, Pudukottai and Pettavaithallai in Tamil Nadu, with a total crushing capacity of 14,000 metric tonnes of sugarcane per day.

The company's five fully equipped plants and one refinery produce a variety of sugars that cater to the bakery and confectionery industry, beverage manufacturing, as well as marine and pharma applications.

The sugar division contributes over 65 per cent of EID Parry's turnover.

The sugar division has forayed into sugar refining to produce value-added products, apart from co-generation, ethanol, alcohol, etc, and has positioned itself as the second largest sugar producer in India.

Established - 1994
Exports - Rs 15 crore
Proportion of company's total income - 2 per cent
Revenue - Rs 26 crore
Neemazal, the organic pesticides from EID Parry has been tested on more than 250 species of insects, representing 100 crops in 32 countries.


Quality, innovation and eco-friendliness are a hallmark of all of Parry's divisions.

EID Parry's bio-products division came into existence as a result of its in-house R&D. Constant innovation at EID Parry has led to the development of organic and eco-friendly bio-products like Neemazal, a bio-pesticide made from an extract (azadirachtin) of neem seeds. The bio-products business started with a technical collaboration agreement with Trifolio - MGmbh, Germany, in 1992.

The company has also set up a large organic manure plant to provide integrated nutrient management solutions. A new product AbdA - an organic plant vitaliser - has been introduced in the domestic market. With this launch the company is now able to offer a total crop protection solution for rice. Efforts are on to roll out several new products to address organic crop protection and integrated pest management issues globally.

Foremost suppliers of microalgal health supplements.
Parry's Certified Organic Spirulina is a premium ingredient for major Spirulina brands worldwide and is exported to over 40 countries
First in Asia to produce natural mixed carotenoids from Dunaliella Salina, in 1998
R&D underway to produce Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids from microalgae
Parry Nutraceuticals' algal facility is the only algal facility in the world to have under one roof the infrastructure facility for all 3 different types of algae.
The micro algal facility is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HACCP (Food Safety) by BVQI. Parry's Organic Spirulina is the currently the only Spirulina in the world to be certified by USP (US Pharmacopoeia)

Parry Nutraceuticals, recently acquired by EID Parry, is a leading supplier of microalgal health supplements. Three decades of research and development in microalgal biotechnology at Parry Nutraceuticals has resulted in the creation of effective health supplements like organic Spirulina, natural Betacarotene and Astaxanthin. The group commercialised the Spirulina project in the early 1990s. Today Nutraceuticals are exported to over 30 companies in the world and ingredients to major brands in the global healthcare industry.

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