The Murugappa Group has put in place a very robust two-tier structure of governance to ensure business sustainability. At the first tier are the statutory boards of the Group companies headed by the CEOs/MDs, responsible for the vision, strategy to achieve the vision, business plan development, performance and capability building for the respective businesses. The second tier comprises the Murugappa Corporate Board (MCB) as the topmost decision making body of the group. It currently has 8 members (two family members and 6 non-family members).

The MCB mandate covers the following agenda:

  • Foster and maintain the highest standards of governance.
  • Review and approve business strategies in line with the Group’s vision.
  • Partner and facilitate the role of CEOs of businesses in the areas of business vision, strategy and performance.
  • Offer functional strategic assistance to businesses in the areas of IT, finance and human resources.

This role segregation serves as an effective balance as it provides operational autonomy to business managers on the one hand and strategic responsibility to MCB members on the other.