Why Thank The Farmers

It's that time of the year when villages across India come alive with colour and energy. Farmers and their families, having harvested nature's bounty, offer heartfelt thanks to the sun, mother earth, cattle and all elements of nature for helping them do their job. North or South, East or West - name, rituals and events may vary, but the intent is the same – an expression of gratitude. And rightly so! Every minute of every day, millions of farmers in India, live and work close to nature – toiling away to reap earth's treasures for the benefit of all.

What about the ultimate beneficiaries of the farmers' labour? Most people living in fast growing cities and towns live physically far away from farmers and their work. But even starker is the distance of the mind, no one ever thinks about the farmers, leave alone thanking them!

For over four decades, we at the Murugappa Group have been deeply involved in agriculture through three of our businesses - Coromandel, EID Parry and Parry Agro. We have grown together with our farmer friends across India, and felt we should make an effort to raise awareness about the farmer and farming among the urban population. After all, awareness is the first and most important step to action. So join us as we do our best to raise awareness, bust myths, go beyond stereotypes and find and promote small but meaningful ways in which of each of us can make a difference to our farmers.

Please note we are not talking about monetary contributions or donations. Several organisations and initiatives are already working to support farmers in need and we say, more power to them!

Our plan is to build awareness about farmers, farming and our agricultural heritage that needs to be preserved and nurtured among people in urban India, particularly the youth.

We begin our efforts with this small gesture of gratitude to acknowledge all that the farmer brings to our lives. Join us as we say a big thank you; let's make it a loud chorus! Use the hashtag #thankyoufarmers and share the video on your social media pages and let the world know who does the most important job!

#TheMostImportantJob Video

See what is the most important job in the world.

Lyrics for the Thank You Farmers song

Here are the lyrics to help you sing along to the Thank You Farmers song…

For the idly, dosa, chappathi,
Pizza, burger, spaghetti,
For the food that we all daily eat
That keeps us buzzing with energy

Aloo, baingan or bhindi
Shakar in your chai kappi
For the street food, home food, healthy food
That keeps us always feeling good

There's someone we need to thank,
The farmer toiling on his land
Sweat on his brow, soil on his hand,
The farmer is the one we need to thank

For the sarees, salwars, and kurtis
Short skirts, T-shirts, faded jeans
The clothes that we wear in every way
For the fashion we want every day

Pant, suit, lungi ya dhoti
Jubba, pagadi, sherwani
For the clothes that clothe us in every way
For the styles that we wear every day

There's someone we need to thank,
The farmer toiling on his land
Sweat on his brow, soil on his hand,
The farmer is the one we need to thank

For the food on our table and the clothes on our backs
Thank you, farmers, thank you

Murugappa Group - Partnering With Farmers

The Murugappa Group plays a vital role in the country's agriculture sector. For decades, the Group's companies have helped the farmer both in what goes into the fields, and what is produced from them.





• Catalysts for growth — in a million farms across India
• The industry innovator, with an array of crop protection solutions for greater bounties
• The farmer's ally in his battle protecting crops
• The rural girl-child's proud benefactor, as she triumphs against odds

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EID Parry

• The sweet taste of purity
• The responsibility expected of a pioneer, setting the standards for purity
• The sugar of choice for generations — from the morning cuppa to festive times
• The anticipation of bumper harvests, as farmer and mentor muddy hands together

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Parry Agro

• A tradition of tea, brewed to perfection
• Premium teas and the best of blends
• The benchmark for quality and sustainability

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Farmazing Facts

  • India is the 2nd largest rice producer in the world and produces at least 500 varieties

  • What is the widely cultivated (and widely used) plant in India, which is believed to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antitumour, antibacterial, and antiviral properties? Turmeric! And Erode, in Tamil Nadu, is known as the 'Yellow City' or 'Turmeric City' as it is the largest turmeric-producing city in the globe!

  • India produced 88 million tonnes of rice in 2014. That's equivalent to 11.7 crore in weight, of India's top-selling car in 2014 – the Maruti Suzuki Alto (Sold 2.42 lakh units in 2014)

  • Did you know that sugar cane is not a fruit? That sweet tasting thing is in fact just GRASS!

  • The cultivation of Vanilla (Plantation of crop) in India stated in 1990s and was confined mostly to Karnataka and Kerala.

  • Bananas are the number one fruit crop in the world. They are the 4th largest overall crop, after wheat, rice, and corn. They grow in more than 100 countries on farms. India grows more bananas than any other country. The Philippines, China, and Ecuador are the next three top producers of bananas.

  • As early as the 6th century BC, Indian farmers had begun farming sugarcane. The Persians, followed by the Greeks, then discovered the famous 'reeds that produce honey without bees' being grown. These were locally called साखर (sugar).

  • Sugar and sugarcane cultivation was spread by returning Macedonian soldiers, who carried home the 'honey-bearing reeds'. Indians had already invented a process to produce crystalline sugar by 500 BC, which were called khanda (खण्ड ), which gave rise to the word, candy!

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