As Margazhi Blooms

The music season schedules are out, fresh filter coffee has been brewed, and every park in the city has opened its gates for art, music and dance performances. Foodies have much to look forward to, with the traditional sabhas serving an array of authentic and rare to find regional delicacies. The veterans zip around the city to catch the best of this action-packed season, while the tourists from all around the world arrive at the city to experience and cherish this intense cultural potpourri.

Celebrate this auspicious season with

Margazhi Events

Murugappa – Margazhi Events

Guess the Raaga:

Are you a pro when it comes to Raagas? Can you spot the Raaga in disguise? We have an exciting game for you – Guess the Raaga! Participate now to win fabulous goodies!

19th Dec, 2016 to 15th Jan, 2017.

Photography Contest

Can you capture and convey the magic of margazhi in a single picture?
There’s music and magic in the air of margazhi ! And maybe your camera can capture best the subtle ways in which Madras celebrates the spirit of Margazhi.
Capture the essence of margazhi in pictures (music, dance, food, attire etc) and send them to us to win exciting prizes. The best pictures shortlisted by our panellists will feature on the Murugappa Facebook Cover Page each week.

Rules and Guidelines
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Kolam Contest

Did you know that the traditional purpose of a Kolam made from powdered rice, was to leave some food for the insects at a safe place outside the kitchen? These stunning designs are made by the swift movement of a trained hand and years of tradition handed down through generations.
While Kolams adorn every traditional Tamil household, Kolams made during the Margazhi season hold a special place in everyone’s heart! All you need to do is create a kolam featuring the peacock in any of its splendid forms. To participate, upload a series of 5 photos of your stunning peacock kolam (entire process – from start to finish) on our social media channels.

Rules and Guidelines
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Murugappa & Margazhi

From celebrating the spirit of our city during Madras week to rejoicing the city’s fervour for music and art during the Margazhi season, The Murugappa Group has always been closely associated with arts and culture. For the past few years, The Murugappa Group has been actively associated with the Margazhi celebrations in the city. This year, we have come up with exciting events that will add more glee to this enchanting Marghazhi season.

Showcase of entries

Celebrate the beauty of this magical month with us, right here! Check this corner for regular updates about the Margazhi season. Also, entries from the Raaga, Photography, and Kolam contests will be showcased here.

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