Congratulations to all the winners!

K Valliammai

Age Group 10-18

Rashi Butolia

Age Group 10-18

Sandhya Hari

Age Group 10-18

Varshitha K. Neeraj

Age Group 19-30


Age Group 19-30


Age Group 31-50

Tanamika Pal

Age Group 31-50

Special Mention: Ajay Gaur

Age Group 51-70

About the Campetition

Call it art or call it therapy, adding colour to blank spaces can make everything so much better!

The participants of our Colour Therapy contest grabbed some colour, and unleashed their creativity, regardless of their age, and today we congratulate them for their victory!

The contest revolved around the Peacock. a bird known for its beauty, grace and vivid colours, an icon synonymous with the Murugappa Group. The Peacock has been our Group's logo for several decades now and represents its rich culture and heritage.

Two specially designed peacocks inspired by traditional Indian art forms were custom-drawn by Chennai-based artist Subadra Kalyanaraman for this colouring contest.

About the Artist
Subadra Kalyanaraman is a management consultant who actively pursues art. She was among the first people in India to publish an adult colouring book based on Indian folk art, titled 'Shakuntala And Her Magic Box'. In her free time, Subadra also volunteers with Kri Foundation, a Chennai-based organisation that is into sprucing up public spaces with art.

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