Coromandel SQM announces completion of
its water soluble fertiliser Plant


Secunderabad, January 11, 2012: Coromandel SQM, a joint venture between Coromandel International Limited, India’s largest phosphatic fertilizers producer in private sector and SQM, world leader in manufacture of water-soluble Specialty Plant Nutrition solutions has announced completion of its water soluble fertiliser plant at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. The annual capacity of this Plant is 15000 MT. Coromandel SQM is the first company in India established with an intention of marketing its products through its marketing partners.

Coromandel SQM aims to contribute to the profitability of farmers through a combination of world-wide experience and local expertise, backed-up by a team of highly skilled agronomists, a broad portfolio of Specialty Plant Nutrition solutions and top quality products and services. As a result of this alliance, SQM and Coromandel merge many years of expertise and values to enhance the local market of India.

SQM enjoys world-wide reputation as market leader in the production and commercialization of potassium nitrate and water soluble Specialty Plant Nutrition solutions. On the other hand, Coromandel is the market leader in the production of Specialty Plant Nutrition solutions.

Coromandel SQM, through a very close relationship with its clients, offers wide-ranging expertise and a large portfolio of Specialty Plant Nutrition solutions.

Coromandel SQM foresees a stronger growth in Indian market for specialty plant nutrients in the coming years with the back drop of increasing pressure to produce more from the available acreages, labour and power shortage, and growing demand for quality produce.

Coromandel SQM – Product Range

100% Water Soluble Fertilizers: Water soluble NPKs( 19-19-19; 20-20-20; 18-18-18; 13-40-13; 13-5-26; 6-12-36); Potassium Nitrate; MKP(00-52-34); MAP(12-61-00); SoP(00-00-50); Urea Phosphate( 17-44-00); Calcium Nitrate( 15.5-0-18.8).

Chelated Micro Nutrients: Zn 12% EDTA; Fe 12% EDTA; Mg 6% EDTA; Ca 10% EDTA; Fe 6% EDDHA; Mn 13% EDTA; Cu 15% EDTA; CXK( Multi Micro Nutrient); CombiMahar( Maharashtra Grade Multi Micro Nutrient).

Description of the Plant

  • With a capacity of 15000 MT, CSQM’s manufacturing facilities at Kakinada, A.P can produce all Fertiliser Control Order (FCO) NPK grades and can also produce customized grades.

  • Production of NPKs is done in fully auto mode with significant investments made for maintaining controlled relative humidity conditions which is the crux to maintain international quality.

  • With FFS facilities in place, CSQM offers its manufactured products in packed form and third party products in bulk to its clients.

Significant benefits Coromandel SQM brings to its marketing partners

  • With the commissioning of CSQM Water Soluble Fertiliser plant, Indian Fertiliser / Agrochemical companies can look at sourcing their NPK specialities from CSQM rather than depending on imports.

  • CSQM aspires to become solution partner rather than product vendor with its bouquets of Speciality Plant Nutrition solutions.Thus CSQM become one stop shop for all marketing companies whose interest is in Speciality Plant Nutrition.

  • CSQM imparts product knowledge through field demos/trainings to its marketing partners.

  • CSQM Strives to bring new innovative products with the technical collaboration of its principals and offer those new products to its marketing partners.

  • CSQM provides technical support with the help of qualified agronomists trained by its principals

  • CSQM helps its marketing partners in arriving their state specific budgets for WSFs/MNs thus becomes true partner in partners’ growth journey.

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