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CUMI was founded in 1954 as a tripartite collaboration between the Murugappa Group, The Carborundum Co., USA and the Universal Grinding Wheel Co. Ltd., U.K.

The company pioneered the manufacture of Coated Abrasives and Bonded Abrasives in India in addition to the manufacture of Super Refractories, Electro Minerals, Industrial Ceramics and Ceramic Fibres. Today the company’s range of over 20,000 different varieties of abrasives, refractory products and electro-minerals are manufactured in ten locations across various parts of the country.

With state-of-the art facilities and strategic alliances with global partners, CUMI has achieved a reputation for quality and innovation. CUMI is one of the few manufacturers in the world with fully integrated operations from mining, fusioning, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, to power generation from wind and hydro power stations.

Almost all of CUMI’s ten manufacturing facilities have received the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for quality standards. A well connected marketing and distribution network of offices and warehouses in India and abroad ensure that service to customers is given prime importance.

With constant innovation and product upgradation, through in-house R&D and strategic alliances with global leaders in grinding technology, CUMI has ensured its market leadership both in India and abroad. It has also gained international recognition as a manufacturer of quality abrasives and a provider of total grinding solutions.

CUMI’s products are exported to 43 countries spread across North America, Europe, Australia, South Africa and Asia.

A global leader in many product categories, and with more than half a century of undisputed market leadership in each of its businesses, CUMI has earned a place in Forbes’ list of ‘Asia’s Best 200 Companies Under a Billion’.

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Products & Services
  • Abrasives
  • Metal Working Fluids
  • Power Tools
  • Electro Minerals
  • Industrial Ceramics
  • Super Refractories
Associates & Subsidiaries
  • Volzhsky Abrasive Works, Russia
  • Foskor Zirconia(Pty) Ltd., South Africa
  • Sterling Abrasives Ltd.,
  • CUMI International Ltd.,
Joint Ventures
  • Wendt GmbH
  • Morgan Thermal Ceramics
International Alliances
  • Cimcool industrial Products B.V
  • Anderman Refractories
  • Sheffield Refractories
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