The sweet taste of purity

The responsibility expected of a pioneer, setting the standards for purity

The sugar of choice for generations – from the morning cuppa to festive times

The anticipation of bumper harvests, as farmer and mentor muddy hands together

::: Many Things to Many People :::

In 1788, Thomas Parry chose Nellikuppam, Tamil Nadu to set up the first sugar plant in the country. This pioneering spirit and commitment to excellence continues to be the hallmark of EID Parry till today. At Parry’s, we are proud to have set the industry benchmark for purity in sugar among the other Sugar Manufacturers in India.

In our pursuit of excellence, we have adopted a top-to-toe system for ensuring the highest standard of quality. From revitalising the soil for healthier yields to packaging purer sugar in our factories, we have consistently leveraged technology to maximise quality and efficiency. It is thus no wonder that EID Parry is the sugar of choice across the food and pharma industries.

Over the years, we have secured our position as industry leader with path-breaking innovations. In 2000, we set up the first fully-automated sugar plant at Pudukottai, where we have specialised in the manufacture of plantation white sugar from sugarcane.  Our standalone distillery at Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu utilises a state-of-the-art incineration boiler to handle distillery effluents.

The latest feather in our cap is the state-of-the-art refinery in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. This refinery, located in a special economic zone, will cater to the demand for high-quality refined sugar in the Asia Pacific region.

We have nine sugar plants spread across South India, with four in Tamil Nadu. At each of our units and in our plantations across the country we have ushered in farming innovations that have visibly improved the lives of over 1,00,000 farmers.  Our Pugalur plant in Tamil Nadu was recently certified ‘Bon Sucro’, an initiative in sustainable sugarcane.

EID Parry recently launched Amrit – 100% Original Cane Sugar to cater to the requirement for a healthier sugar option among Indian consumers.

Going beyond sugar, the business now covers a wide range of products, including Bio-Products and microalgal health supplements from our Nutraceuticals division.

Towards greener pastures

At EID Parry, we take our role as agents of change very seriously. And this is the reason we are also committed to promoting safe and sustainable agriculture. Around the world the campaign for eco-friendly and organic agricultural inputs is gaining momentum, and our Bio-Products division is fully tuned to this global movement.

Our path-breaking discovery of the extraction of Azadirachtin (AZA) and its use in bio-pesticides and our capabilities in this division have been recognised by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, which has included AZA in their list of approved products.

Over the years, our Bio-Products division has built on its global leadership position in AZA bio-pesticides, and penetrated new markets. The popularity of our innovative crop-protection solutions has seen a phenomenal rise, both in the domestic and international markets. Our Neemazal brand of products (manufactured using a high-quality AZA extraction process) are better than any other in this segment.

Naturally superior products for healthy living

Our certified nutraceutical products cater to the growing demand for natural health care and wellness solutions. A global leader in micro algae technology, the Nutraceutical division has maintained its position as market leader in organic Spirulina.  It has also developed other products, including natural food ingredients addressing specific health needs.

In recent years we have worked towards increasing the visibility of the Parry’s brand in the wellness segment of the domestic market.

Our products are marketed to leading North American healthcare brands, through our subsidiary US Nutraceuticals LLC.

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