“India Should Combine its Rich Spiritual Culture and Advanced Conventional Medicine to Bring Integrative Approach to Healthcare”: International Expert in Anthroposophic Medicine


Chennai, 4 August 2013: “India should leverage its strengths in rich, spiritual culture and its high standard conventional, modern medicinal skills and infrastructure to bring integrative and benign approach to healthcare,” said Dr Michael Evans, an expert in Anthroposophic Medicine, an integrative medical approach.

He added that by providing an overarching context and understanding of different therapeutic possibilities, Anthroposophic medicine can also bring down healthcare cost, as it eliminates or reduces the use of toxic, chemical and dependency-creating drugs in its treatments.

Presenting the 11th MV Arunachalam Endowment Oration, organised by Neurokrish, a neuropsychiatry group and Trimed, a chain of integrative medical therapy centres, here today on “Delivering modern healthcare with spiritual wisdom”, Dr Evans said that anthroposophic medicine, a post scientific spiritual practice developed by Rudolf Steiner during the early 20th century, fully acknowledges and justifies the modern medicine but it challenges the modern medicine to wake up to the reality that human body is more than a measurable, bio-chemical process and to be open to other windows of perceptions.

Dr Evans who is a member of the UK Government’s Herbal Medicines Advisory Committee and Vice Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Registration of Homoeopathic Medicinal Products, lamented that modern science has some deeply held beliefs that limit it from exploring the reality beyond things that are measurable. These self-imposed limits in modern science prevent it from acknowledging life as anything more than a bio-chemical process.

He emphasised that Anthroposophic medicine sees health as a dynamic balance between soul and spiritual activities and body’s vitality. The spiritual understanding and practices can have profound anatomical and physiological effects, and hence they have to be integrated into healthcare.

Anthroposophic medicine is practised based on the premise that health issues or illnesses are expressions of imbalances in the functioning and interaction of body, mind and soul. Hence, this science uses drugs and antibiotics much more reflectively for healing at physical level. It uses art or music therapy to make healing work at emotional level, and through counseling to help patients find their own guidance, it invokes healing process at the level of spirit.

Anthroposophic medicines include ointments, tablets and injections made of plants and minerals. Rhythmical massage, eurythmy (movement theraphy), mindfulness and art therapy are some of the components of Anthroposophic medicine. The role of Anthroposophic doctors is to be a counselor and help patients understand the wide range of medical choices, and make their own choices wisely, he observed.

There were over 200 clinical studies that provide evidence that anthroposophic medicine is as effective as conventional medicine or even better in chronic, lifestyle diseases and it provides patients a gentler, better and empowering healthcare.

Earlier, Mr M V Murugappan, Trustee, Vellayan Chettiar Trust, gave the presidential address, while Mr A Vellayan, Executive Chairman, Murugappa Group, and Trustee, Vellayan Chettiar Trust, welcomed the gathering.

About the MV Arunachalam Memorial Oration

The MV Arunachalam Memorial Oration is held annually under the aegis of the MV Arunachalam Centre for Information and Education in the Neurosciences (MVA-CIEN) a dynamic part of The Institute of Neurological Sciences – VHS Hospital, Taramani, Chennai. Endowed by the Vellayan Chettiar Trust in 2001, MVA-CIEN provides counselling, information, education and advocacy to the 4000 patients from poor and lower middle class backgrounds who consult TINS – VHS every year. MVA-CIEN also runs free specialist counselling services for people with epilepsy and dementia. MVA-CIEN interacts with a number of Governmental organizations in providing care for people with disabling neurological and neuropsychiatric illnesses. The Late Mr. MV Arunachalam was known for the breadth of his vision and his philanthropy, and for his active contribution to various business and social causes.

About Dr Michael Evans

Dr Michael Evans qualified as a conventional doctor in Bristol, England and then trained in anthroposophic hospitals in Germany and Switzerland. He helped start Park Attwood Clinic a residential anthroposophic treatment centre near Birmingham. He now works as a National Health Service, General Practitioner or Family Doctor practicing anthroposophic medicine with three other doctors and eight anthroposophic therapists and counselors at St Luke’s Medical Centre in Stroud, Gloucestershire in the West of England.

He is a member of the UK Government’s Herbal Medicines Advisory Committee and Vice Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Registration of Homoeopathic Medicinal Products. He co-authored “Healing for Body Soul and Spirit – an Introduction to Anthroposophical Medicine” published by Floris Books.

About Murugappa Group

Founded in 1900, the INR 225 Billion Murugappa Group is one of India’s leading business conglomerates. The Group has 28 businesses including eleven listed Companies traded in NSE & BSE. Headquartered in Chennai, the major Companies of the Group include Carborundum Universal Ltd., Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Ltd., Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd., Coromandel International Ltd., Coromandel Engineering Company Ltd., E.I.D. Parry (India) Ltd., Parry Agro Industries Ltd., Sabero Organics Ltd., Shanthi Gears Ltd., Tube Investments of India Ltd., and Wendt (India) Ltd.

Market leaders in served segments including Abrasives, Auto Components, Cycles, Sugar, Farm Inputs, Fertilizers, Plantations, Bio-products and Nutraceuticals, the Group has forged strong alliances with leading international companies like Groupe Chimique Tunisien, Foskor, Mitsui Sumitomo, Morgan Crucible and Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile (SQM). The Group has a wide geographical presence spanning 13 states in India and 5 continents.

Renowned brands like BSA, Hercules, Ballmaster, Ajax, Parry’s, Chola, Gromor and Paramfos are from the Murugappa stable. The organization fosters an environment of professionalism and has a workforce of over 32,000 employees.

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