“Integration of Psychiatry and Neurology Is Important in Treating Epilepsy”: Expert

Buddhi on Wheels, A Comprehensive Brain and Mind Care Mobile Therapy Unit, Launched

Chennai, September 15, 2018:“Integration of psychiatry and neurology – in other words, mental care and the brain care – is inevitable to disentangle the amalgamation of complex epileptic problems and to identify effective therapeutic treatments,” said Professor Kousuke Kanemoto of Aichi Medical University, Akita, Japan.

He was delivering the 16th MV Arunachalam Endowment Lecture titled ‘Brainstorms and the Mind: Exploring the Borderlands Between Epilepsy and Schizophrenia’, organized here today by the Chennai-based Neurokrish, a neuropsychiatry centre, and Trimed Therapy, a chain of integrative medical treatment centres.

Professor Kanemoto observed that the separation of psychiatry and neurology may look modern. It could be also necessary from the perspectives of the division of labour, and for the medical professionals to cope up with the ever increasing healthcare demands. However, many epileptic cases represent an amalgamation of complex social and psychological issues – not just brain malfunctions, thus necessitating extra medical care such as job coaching and psychotherapy.

A celebrated and leading researcher who has devoted his life to the study of behaviour in epilepsy, Prof. Kanemoto, pointed out that Japan Epilepsy Society was formed by a psychiatrist in the mid 70s, when about 60% of its members were psychiatrists and the rest, neurologists. However in the recent times, the percentage of psychiatrists in the society has come down to just 5%. This trend must be reversed as psychiatrists dedicated to epilepsy can understand issues that are not well explicable medically. They can quickly distinguish between psychosis and depression, and avoid confusing mental issues with physical ones. Therefore, “a well trained neurologist should keep a small psychologist in his or her mind” to be effective in treatment.

Mr. A Vellayan, former Executive Chairman, Murugappa Group, and Trustee, Vellayan Chettiar Trust, provided the presidential address and Dr. Ennapadam S. Krishnamoorthy, Founder, Neurokrish, Trimed, and Buddhi Clinic, welcomed the gathering.

During the event Mr. Vellayan formally launched a dedicated Mobile Therapy Unit donated by the Murugappa Group to the ‘Buddhi on Wheels’ program, which takes integrated medical care to the doorsteps of patients. Buddhi on Wheels addresses the twin challenges of mobility and mental health that most people with neurological disability face, across the lifespan.

The Buddhi on Wheels program is a pioneering innovation of Buddhi Clinic which blends modern medicine and ancient wisdom. The Mobile Therapy Unit is an ambulance converted into an air-conditioned and sound proofed Mobile Therapy Unit. It is equipped with neuro-stimulating equipment such as neuromodulators and brain mappers as well as alternative therapeutic equipments so as to take a full house of treatment procedures to the doorstep of the individuals.

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