There’s agility and passion, as much as there is dignity and discipline—the ingrained Murugappa quality of treating people with respect defines the culture of the organisation.

We champion innovation, and encourage our people to seek creative ways to engage with customers. This is equally true of how we ourselves stay connected within a very vast organisation, creating channels of communication and a healthy exchange of experiences and ideas.

Our internal Corporate Communications programmes give employees a sense of belonging, besides encouraging a constant exchange of news. Unearthing of hidden talent, creating communities and linking people with special interests, sharing of personal experiences and achievements—there is always a new buzz to make the workplace a warm and enjoyable place to be in, and encourage a work-life balance.

Leadership Development Programmes

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The Murugappa Group employs over 50,000 people. The Group believes that sustainable business success rests completely on its employees and is achieved by unlocking their collective potential. This forms the core of all the Group’s HR initiatives, leading to a culture marked by transparency, freedom to operate and inclusiveness.

Career planning and development cuts across levels and fosters diverse and continuous learning.  All the Group companies have full-fledged L&D units/centres.  In addition, at the Group level, there is the Management Development Centre (MDC), a dedicated Unit mandated to work on leadership development.  MDC’s flagship programme, The Business Leadership Programme (BLP) hones the talent of prospective leaders through a multi-pronged approach. The effectiveness of this programme is reflected in the fact that a number of business leaders who went through BLP are spearheading Group operations today.

MDC’s other talent development interventions across the entire employee life cycle include the Young Leaders Programme, Finance Development Programme and HR Development Programme.

At Murugappa, we believe that every manager should work towards the development of his team. To create a culture of coaching and empower managers with skills needed to coach and guide teams we have trained team leaders on coaching skills. In addition, more than 30 business leaders of the Group have undergone training to be certified workplace coaches.

To enhance training effectiveness, the Murugappa Group partners with premier academic institutions like Harvard, Wharton, INSEAD, Indian Institute of Management, Indian School of Business and others.



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