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Murugappa Morgan Thermal Ceramics Limited (MMTCL) is a joint venture between Morgan Advanced Materials, UK, and Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI) of the Murugappa Group.

Using innovative design software and the best in installation tools, we are the industry leader in end-to-end solutions for your heat management and passive fire protection requirements.  Our plants at Ranipet in Tamil Nadu and Moti Bhoyan in Gujarat churn out a wide range of applications based on high temperature insulation and linings.

MMTCL provides customised solutions through design, supply and application capabilities in high temperature insulation and passive fire protection markets.  Ceramic Bulk Fibre, Blankets, Boards, Mastics and Engineered Fibre are manufactured at Ranipet, Tamil Nadu.  Our plant at Moti Bhoyan manufactures Pyrobloc Modules, Spun Blankets and Continuous Ceramic Fibre Paper.  Both our plants are Superwool-compatible and, as an organisation, we are committed to provide our customers high performance and environment-friendly solutions.

Through a collaborative approach to developing solutions, MMTCL provides the right insulation products for your needs across a temperature range of 350oC to 1400oC.  Extensive experience is blended with a commitment to R&D, ensuring leading solutions for the evolving demands at the market place.   The fire protection products provide high temperature fire resistance while also offering weight and cost savings and a simpler installation process.

Key markets include iron & steel, ceramics, power, chemical and process industries.  Apart from direct sales to industry, MMTCL’s network of trained channel partners seamlessly supply and distribute product offerings to customers across the country.

  • Superwool® Fibre
  • Refractory Ceramic Fibre(RCF)
  • FireMaster®
Products & Services
  • Refractory Ceramic Fibre
  • Ceramic Insulation Fibre
  • Monolithics
  • Fire Protection
  • Insulating Fire Bricks (IFB)
  • Fired Refractory Shapes
  • Furnaces & Fire Assayware
  • Heat Shields
  • Microporous Insulation
  • Mortar Cement Mastics
  • Pyrobloc
  • Structural Insulation
International Alliances
  • CIRIA, Italy
  • Morgan Advanced Materials, UK
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