Let’s spread the Christmas and New Year cheer!
It’s the season of joy and celebrations! To mark the festivities, we have for you a selection of colourful e-greeting cards!
Pick a card, personalise it and send your greetings to colleagues, associates, family and friends. Spread the joy that this season has to offer!


How to send your e-greeting?

Here is a selection of cards to choose from. The Murugappa tab has cards customised with our Group logo, while the ones under the different company tabs are customised with the respective company logo as well.

Step 1: Choose an e-greeting from the ones listed here and click on it

Step 2: Personalise your card by typing in your wishes (A maximum of 100 characters)

Step 3: Fill in the email ID of the person you would like to send the greetings to.
(If you are sending it to multiple recipients, please note that a maximum of 10 email IDs can be added in one go)

Step 4: Click on submit to send the e-greeting to the chosen email IDs

Step 5: You can also download the e-greeting card if you wish to print it or send it via WhatsApp or other means.

Note : We recommend that you customise and send the e-greeting via your desktop or laptop for best effect! (A few features may be restricted on mobile phone)

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018!