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Parry Agro has established a presence in all the major tea-growing areas of the country and is one of the leading producers of tea in India.

Our estates – Sheikalmudi, Murugalli, Paralai and Iyerpadi in the picturesque Anamallais, Attikunna and Carolyn nestling in Nilgiri Wayanad in Tamil Nadu, Kadamane in the mountains of Sakleshpur in Karnataka, and Deckiajuli and Sirajuli on the banks of the Brahmaputra in Assam – produce some of the finest Indian teas.  We are one of the few producers of CTC, Orthodox, Organic and Green teas with a presence in South as well as North India by making us one of the best in Tea manufacturing in India.

With an annual throughput of 14 million kg produced from 3211 hectares, Parry Agro accounts for 1.2% of the tea produced in India.

We are not just content with the production of tea, but producing safe teas. Our Iyerpadi teas are certified organic by IMO (Switzerland), NOP (Organic Laws of USA) and NPOP (Organic Laws of India), and are also Rainforest- and Fair Trade-certified. Our estates and factories in South India are Trustea-certified.

We have worked towards developing cutting-edge agricultural processes through sustained R&D. Our dedicated R&D facility, accredited by NABL, is among the few set up by plantation companies in the world. It has done extensive research for better yields as well as tea processing technology, and ensures standards through chemical and microbial testing.

We have also pioneered a microprocessor-based control and monitoring system at the Mayura factory, one of the first such initiatives in the tea industry in India.

Parry Agro promotes Heritage Homestays at its estates under the brand name of ‘Sinnadorai Bungalow’. This provides an exclusive experience of a homestay in a tea manager’s bungalow with all its attendant hospitality.

Where the people come first

For Parry Agro, employee welfare has always been paramount. Our various initiatives also bring wellness into the lives of the communities around our estates on a sustained basis by regularly conducting medical camps as part of its outreach programme.

Our standards for health and safety have continued to improve every year and some of them have evolved into benchmarks for the plantation industry. The company offers free medical care through its estate hospitals and dispensaries. The company also runs, aids and has provided land for many English, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada-medium schools across its estates.

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