It’s that time of the year when villages across India come alive with colour and energy. Farmers and their families, having harvested nature’s bounty, offer heartfelt thanks to the sun, mother earth, cattle and all elements of nature for helping them do their job. North or South, East or West – name, rituals and events may vary, but the intent is the same – an expression of gratitude. And rightly so! Every minute of every day, millions of farmers in India, live and work close to nature – toiling away to reap earth’s treasures for the benefit of all.

For over four decades, we at the Murugappa Group have been deeply involved in agriculture through three of our businesses – Coromandel, EID Parry and Parry Agro. We have grown together with our farmer friends across India, and felt we should make an effort to raise awareness about the farmer and farming among the urban population. So join us as we do our best to raise awareness, bust myths, go beyond stereotypes and find and promote small but meaningful ways in which each of us can make a difference to our farmers.

What is the most important job in the world?

Well, when someone asks this question, you might come up with several answers ranging from doctor to teacher to police officer or maybe even the wi-fi service provider. But what doesn’t strike you immediately is that one important job without which nothing else would matter.

Watch the video to know more and don’t forget to share the video and spread the word to let the rest of the world know who truly does the most important job!

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Murugappa and Farmers

The Murugappa Group plays a vital role in the country’s agriculture sector. For decades, the Group’s companies have helped the farmer both in what goes into the fields, and what is produced from them.

Catalysts for growth — in a million farms across India. An industry innovator with an array of crop protection solutions for greater bounties.

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The sugar of choice for generations — from the morning cuppa to festive times. The anticipation of bumper harvests, as farmer and mentor muddy hands together

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Premium teas and the best of blends which have been the benchmark for quality and sustainability

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Life Lessons from Farming

These Pictures speak a thousand words. Need we say more?

Farm Flashback

From waking up to the sweet sounds of nature to breathing in a healthy dose of fresh air. From petting cows and goats and naming them after our favourite stars to free range swimming in wells and puddles. From running carefree along the lush green landscapes to eating a yummy plate of fresh produce. As a child, visits to our hometown , embracing the simple life and those endless farms will remain a cherished memory for most of us!
We invite you to relive the nostalgia and the magic of those memories by sharing some memories of your visit to a Farm and stand a chance to be featured on our website and our social media!

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