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The Murugappa Group is an undisputed leader in light engineering, with a name for quality, value and reliability. Its companies are preferred suppliers across the globe, manufacturing a wide range of components and parts for industrial applications, fitness and mobility solutions.

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Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI)


A material science company, CUMI is set to become one of the world’s largest companies in the  production and distribution of abrasives, ceramics and electro-minerals. It manufactures over 20,000 product varieties in 31 state-of-the-art facilities across five countries.


Largest electro minerals & abrasives player in India

Largest Silicon Carbide player in Russia

One of the largest producers of Silicon Carbide grains worldwide

Third-largest manufacturer of Zirconia worldwide

One of the market leaders in abrasives, in India and Russia

World’s second-largest manufacturer of metallised cylinders (used in vacuum circuit breakers)


Abrasives Division Icon
Abrasives Division
Bonded Abrasives, Cutting & Grinding Wheels, Coated Abrasives, Super Abrasives, Power Tools
Electro-Minerals Division Icon
Electro-Minerals Division
Brown Fused Alumina, White Fused Alumina, Silicon Carbide, Zirconia, Specialty Minerals
Industrial Ceramics Icon
Industrial Ceramics
Wear Ceramics, Engineered Ceramics, Metallised Ceramics, Bioceramics
Super Refractories Icon
Super Refractories
Super Refractories (Fired Products and Monolithics) and Anti-corrosives

Tube Investments of India Limited (TII)


One of India’s leading engineering companies, TII manufactures tubes, metal formed products, chains and cycles. A preferred supplier for the automotive industry, TII also has the distinction of pioneering cycle retailing in India, with prestigious brands like BSA, Hercules, Ladybird, Roadeo, Montra, Montra Electric and Mach City in its stable.


Largest manufacturer of precision tubes in India

2nd largest bicycle producer in India with 4 million cycles per year; market leader in the ‘specials’ segment

2nd largest producer of transmission chains in India

Every second two wheeler in India uses TPI's safety-critical front fork

Frontrunner in developing a complete and premium buying experience for cycles in India through its concept ‘Track & Trail’ stores and online sales


Tube Products of India (TPI)
CDW and ERW Tubes, Tubular Components, Large Diameter Tubes for Hydraulic Cylinders and off-road Applications and Special Grade Cold-rolled Steel Strips(CRSS)
TI Cycles of India(TICI)
Cycles, Cycle Components, Fitness Equipment and Accessories
Metal Formed Products Division
Drive and Cam Chains Two-wheelers, Fine Blanked Precision Components, Auto Components, Stainless Steel Coach, Agri Implements
Industrial Chains
Chains for Industrial Applications, Engineering Class Chains
Industrial Gear Icon
Industrial Gears
Worm Gearboxes, Helicals, Gears & Pinions and Gear Servicing
Montra Electric (TICMPL)
Electric 3 wheelers, small commercial vehicles, tractors and heavy commercial vehicles.
Read More At: http://www.tiindia.com

CG Power


CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited (CG) is a global leader and pioneer in the management and application of electrical energy. Founded in 1937 and acquired by Tube Investments of India in 2020, CG provides end-to-end solutions for effective and sustainable use of electrical power.

The company is one of the largest manufacturers of Electric Equipment for the Power and Industrial sectors and exports products to over 130 countries.

In India, the company has manufacturing facilities in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Goa and operates across three major divisions - The Power Division, the Industrial Division and The Railway Division.


Largest manufacturer of Low-Tension Motors in India, offering a range of 0.18kW to 710 kW in various standard and customized configurations.

The first Indian manufacturer to develop and supply coupling transformers for Dynamic Reactive Power compensation (DRPC) applications like Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) and Static VAR Compensator (SVC).

The first manufacturer of 132 kV Green Transformers in India.

CG manufactures Switchgear (Indoor/outdoor) products ranging from 3.6 kV ~ 1200 kV, Oil, Gas & Vacuum – Trio Technology Suitable to High Altitude & Seismic Zone. Switchgear products conform to IEC, IEEE, ANSI & GOST standards, with one of the largest indoor test laboratory of 1600 kV comprising AC resonance test systems and 3.6 kJ 3600 kV impulse test system.

The first company to develop and supply a complete range of IE2, IE3 and IE4 motors in India.

The only company to have an NABL accredited test laboratory for Motors for testing up to 560 kW as per IS/IEC 60034-2-1:2014 & IS12615 in India.

A forerunner in the electrical vehicles motors & controller category, CG’s innovative “Smart Motor” helps customers monitor motor operations and health remotely.

CG offers the most comprehensive Rail Vehicle and Rail Traffic Protection portfolio in India, producing all kinds of traction motors, alternators, Traction Converter and Train control equipment.

The commercial product range consists of consumer electrical products like domestic & agricultural pumps and industrial & domestic exhaust fans.


Power Division
  • A complete line of transformers - Generator Distribution, Solar, Green, Unit Auxiliary, Shunt Reactors, Furnace, Locomotive and Track side transformers ranging from 160kVA to 1500 MVA, 12kV ~1200kV Class
  • Extra High Voltage (EHV) & Medium Voltage Switch gears
  • Turnkey Solutions in Power Distribution and Generation
  • Wide range of Switchgears
Industrial Division
  • Low and medium Voltage Motors for all Applications
  • Fractional Horse Power Motors for all General Purpose applications
  • Drives & Automation products, Water Pumps
  • Laminations for Motors
Railway Division
  • Traction Motors and Alternators
  • System Engineering and turnkey solutions with Electrics for Diesel Electric Tower Car, Diesel Electric Multiple Unit
  • Traction Converter , Auxiliary Converter, Vehicle Control Unit
  • Integrated solution of Propulsion System for Electric Locomotive
  • System Engineering and turnkey solution with Electrics Propulsion System for Electric Multiple Unit
  • Control panels for electric Locomotive ,DETC,DEMU, MEMU, Coaches.

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