The Murugappa Way

Led by ethics.
Guided by vision.

The Murugappa way embodies our value system. It helps us adhere to our founding principles in the face of professional, personal and Organization challenges. The Five Lights are a shining illustration of how this deep and shared DNA guides our operations.

Picture representing Led by ethics. Guided by vision.
Picture representing the Murugapaa Group's Core Values - Five Lights Picture representing the Murugapaa Group's Core Values

Five Lights

Staying true.
Staying Successful.

At the core of the Group’s day to day functioning, the Five Lights help us define ‘who am I’, ‘how do I work’ and ‘how do I relate to my environment’.  

It is a living, breathing example of how values can evolve and guide organizations across eras.


We value professional and personal integrity above all else. We achieve our goals by being honest and straight forward with all our stakeholders. We earn trust with every action, every minute of every day.


We are responsible corporate citizens. We believe we can help make a difference to our environment and change lives for the better. We will do this in a manner that befits our size and also reflects our humility.


We play to win. We have a healthy desire to stretch, to achieve personal goals and accelerate business growth. We strive constantly to improve and be energetic in everything that we do.


We respect the dignity of every individual. We are open and transparent with each other. We inspire and enable people to achieve high standards and challenging goals. We provide everyone equal opportunities to progress and grow.


We take ownership of our work. We unfailingly meet high standards of quality in both what we do and the way we do it. We take pride in excellence.